Online Physiotherapy

You may be wondering what online physiotherapy actually is. And I don’t blame you, it probably sounds strange. Some people have asked:

  • ”Don’t you need to physically touch the area and feel how it moves?”
  • ”How can you do physiotherapy if you can’t provide hands on treatment?”
  • ”Don’t you do massage?”
  • ”How do you tape?”
  • ”What about dry needling, acupuncture?”.

These are all good questions. However, these treatments are unlikely to provide you with any long-term change. I’ve therefore decided to take an approach that is supported by the scientific evidence which can be achieved via video consultations.

How Does Online Physiotherapy Work?

The initial consultation will be a comprehensive assessment via video call. All you’ll need is a device with a camera. I use Zoom for my consultations but if you prefer to use different software such as Skype or Microsoft Teams then that is fine too. As you may be discussing sensitive and personal topics, ensure you are in a private room where you can talk freely and also have plenty of space to move around.

How do you assess and treat patients?

I will spend most of the first session listening to your story and asking you questions. Then we will do an objective assessment where I’ll ask you to perform some movements and others things specific to your problem. My aim is to learn everything I can about you so that I can understand your problems. This is essential when developing a comprehensive program. We will then work together to form the treatment plan. Following the appointment I will email you with everything we discussed along with a structured plan to help you recover.

How long are the appointments?

  • Initial appointments will be 45-60 minutes.
  • Follow up appointments will be anywhere from 30-45 minutes
  • However, these are minimum time frames and if you feel like you need longer, please contact me and let me know how much time you think you need.

How is it different to normal physiotherapy?

Video consultations are just as effective as normal consultations. Nothing changes, except that I can’t physically feel the area that you’ve come to me about and you get consultations in the privacy of your own home. However, majority of what can be done in person can be down over video. During the coronavirus pandemic, this is the safest option and does not put you or others at unnecessary risk.

What Do I Wear?

As I will need to see the specific area you have come to see me about, it is worth wearing loose clothing. This may be shorts and t-shirt/vest depending on the area. I will also likely ask you to perform some movements for me, so comfortable clothing that you can move freely in is ideal.

How do I pay?

Prior to the appointment, I will email you a pay-pal link with the amount charged for the consultation. If you have any questions on how much I charge, click here to contact me.

Is it expensive?

I pride myself on providing an excellent service. I therefore charge a rate that reflects what a high quality physiotherapy service is. As the quality of online physiotherapy is the same as face to face appointments, I have not reduced the prices. However, if you have financial problems and don’t think you can afford a standard physiotherapy appointment please contact me to discuss your concerns. More people deserve access to high quality physiotherapy, and I would hate for a financial barrier to deprive someone of the help they need.

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